Friday, 24 May 2019

5 Best Sectors and Stocks for Investing in 2019 and after BJP Massive Victory

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(Published on 24-May-2019)
Results announced. BJP led NDA Government coming back to power with massive victory. During first period of Modi's Government, the benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty rallied over 50%. It means, Markets will continue this momentum in the coming 5 years. However, analysts warning that the Markets have already factored the victory of BJP led NDA's victory in the last 2 days. Hence a prudent approach is required to invest in the Markets. Analysts saying investors with moderate-to-high risk appetite should continue to invest in the Market. A systematic approach is also a good approach to invest in the Market. We will see what are the Top sectors and stocks that are going to benefit from BJP's landslide victory consecutively.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Important Points on the Future of Cyber Crime and Cyber Insurance / Digital Insurance

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We have entered an era of incredible technological innovation. Unfortunately, the fast-paced technological innovation has given rise to cyber threats which have the potential to cause huge losses. As technology advances, cyber criminals are using more advanced and salable tools to breach user privacy, and they are getting results. As of now, there have been several high-profile cases of cyber crime that involve stolen data, such as personal data, health information and financial details. 

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Financing Your Home in an Urban Area is now Feasible with a Home loan

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(Published on 15-May-2019)
For want of better job opportunities and better education, families are increasingly shifting to bigger cities. However, living on rent forever cannot be a feasible option in the long run. The next best alternative is to own a house. But house prices are sky-rocketing, leading to a shortage of housing in urban areas for quite some time now. Not everyone is able to afford a house of their own. To tackle the housing shortage in urban areas, especially among the lower and middle-income segments, credit availability on feasible terms and affordable rates is important. The government and financial institutions have been trying to implement that from time to time.

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Friday, 19 April 2019

4 Interesting Features on Home Loan for Your Home, Away From the City

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(Published on 19-Apr-2019)
Umesh, who works in a reputed manufacturing company, has been living with his family in a metropolitan city for many years now. At 44, he feels tired and wants to have a small house in his native town, where he can go once in a while and spent some time in the quiet and calm of nature. But several years ago, he had already sold off his ancestral property and bought a house in the heart of a big city.

So what could he do now? Where would he arrange funds from to build or buy a house in his native town? His kids are growing up so he doesn’t want to break the fixed deposits as those might be needed for their higher education or marriage. So, will Umesh have to forget the dreams of retiring in his native place?

Not at all. Where there is will there is always a way. Umesh can always opt for a home loan. A housing loan will equip Umesh with enough funds to buy a plot of land in his ancestral town and build a house.

Umesh is at his prime age, so getting a home loan will not be an issue either. Banks and financial institutions such as Tata Capital give a minimum of Rs 2 lakh of housing loan and a maximum of Rs 10 crore to eligible individuals. So, Umesh can finalize a property of his choice in his native town, and apply for a housing loan accordingly. To be eligible for a home loan, one has to be above 24 years old and less than 65 years old. Since Umesh well fits into this bracket, getting a home loan will not be an issue for him. And considering he has a steady income and quite a few years in his hand for retirement, he can even pay off his home loan EMI without worrying about cash flow.

Umesh needs to reach out to rural housing finance solutions, and start investing early in something that’s so close to his heart. Institutions such as Tata Capital offer attractive home loan solutions for those who are interested in having a home in a rural area.

The features of these solutions are as follows:

Convenient and affordable interest rates: 

Home loan interest rates in trustworthy financial institutions such as Tata Capital are very affordable, and so the home loan EMI wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. For salaried and self-employed professionals, the interest rate is 9.05% for a home loan amount of up to Rs 30 lakh. If it’s more than Rs 30 lakh, then the interest will be a tad higher at 9.20%. If you are a self-employed non-professional, then for a home loan of up to Rs 30 lakh, you will have to pay 9.20% interest. 

If the housing loan is more than Rs 30 lakh then the interest will be 9.45%. If you have a good credit history or CIBIL score, then you are likely to get a home loan at a lower interest rate. Your home loan EMI will also depend upon your tenure of the loan, and the applicability of floating or fixed rate of interest.

Home loan facilities: 

It’s a misconception that you get a home loan for properties located only in bigger tier 1 city. Institutions such as Tata Capital have great rural housing loan finance solutions, whereby you can even get a home loan for tier 2 and tier 3 cities. So, retiring in your hometown is no more just a dream. You can very well make it a reality.

Quick and hassle-free processes: 

In institutions such as Tata Capital, the entire process, right from applying for the home loan to disbursement of the home loan, everything is quick and hassle-free. You don’t have to run from pillar to post to obtain a housing loan. Even the documentation process is pretty simple and doesn’t call for difficult-to-find papers. Representatives will land at your doorstep to collect your documents, so you wouldn’t even have to step out of your house to get the home loan. The verification process is also quick and simple, and so is the final disbursement of the housing loan. 

Timely assistance for the loan process: 

In case you have any queries before or after applying for the home loan, there is also a way to speak to customer care executives. They will help you through the entire process of obtaining the home loan, by clarifying all your doubts and solving your queries. Don’t feel helpless at any point of time if you are stuck or are in two minds about a certain formality. 


Just because your dream house is not in a city does not mean you cannot avail a housing loan. Thanks to the wide reach of financial institutions, just like Umesh, you, too, can build your own home away from the cities.
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Monday, 15 April 2019

3 Best Useful Websites / Mobile APPs for Students in 2019

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(Published on 15-Apr-2019)
Internet is providing a bountiful information about anything like learning, earning, socializing , hobbies etc. It is very difficult to choose a right website or mobile app that suits to your requirement. Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have started these websites or mobile apps based on their experiences, failures and successes. Education is not about piling up degrees but honing skills that attract the market in this cut-throat competition.The following 3 websites or mobile apps are best opportunities for students to improve their skills and there by increasing their employ-ability opportunities.
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Thursday, 28 March 2019

5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

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(Published on 28-03-2019)
It is that time of the year when the sweltering heat will soon make it a struggle for you to keep yourself calm. Well, the summer season is approaching and is going to extend till mid-September. With the continuous rise in temperature over the years, the season is going to bring in a lot of illnesses with it such as dehydration, mosquito-borne diseases, nose bleeding, etc.

All this brings us to the prime question- how to beat the heat this summer?

Well, in this article, we tell you 5 of the best ways in which you can circumvent the harmful effects of the summer season and maintain a healthy and fit life.

5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer


Let your clothing do the job. As soon as the temperatures rise, it is important that you start wearing clothes that allow air to flow in and out freely. Go for cotton and linen fibre outfits. Avoid wearing layers of clothes since they trap heat, making you feel all the more hot.

Plan Your Workout Wisely

While it is imperative to exercise, it is advisable that you either go out to exercise early in the morning or late evenings when the sun has set. Finish your workout well before sunrise to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated, tired, and groggy. 

If you are suffering from an illness such as diabetes or cholesterol, ensure that you buy a medical insurance so as to deal with any medical emergency aptly. Use a health insurance premium calculator to figure out how much premium you will have to shell out during each installment so as to plan in advance. If you are one of those who suffers from a lot of illnesses, avoid exerting yourself more than you can handle while exercising.

Bid Farewell to Alcohol and Caffeine

Beverages such as alcohol and caffeine can rob you of your bodily fluids that are extremely important for your body to cool down. Instead, replace such drinks with other beneficial liquids such as water, fresh juices or buttermilk. Drink plenty of these in order to allow the electrolytes to stay balanced in your body.

Eat Light, Eat Right

Include ample number of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Consume food that is light that too in small quantities spread over different meals over the day. Food that is rich in water content such as watermelons and cucumber is highly recommended.

In case you suffer from major diseases or under the critical illness policy owing to your ill health, avoid spicy and fried foods at all costs since it only leads to worsening of health.

Protect Your Eyes and Skin

While venturing out, ensure that you apply a quality sunscreens lotion to protect yourself from the UVrays. Invest in an SPF50 sunscreens can surely go a long way in reducing the chances of skin burns, tanning or rashes. Another way to beat the heat is to wear sunglasses every time you go out in the open so as to protect your eyesight from the harmful radiations of the sun.


So, this was all about some great ways to escape the high temperature this summer. Do not let the heat overpower you. Use the aforementioned tips to protect yourself from the potential ill effects of the summer season.
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Monday, 18 March 2019

When You Have a Systematic Plan, No Dream is Too Big

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(Published on 19-Mar-2019)
The primary objective of investing is to build wealth over the long-term. You may choose amongst various products such as debt, equity, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and many more. Each of these products has their pros and cons. Equities may deliver higher returns but are very risky. On the other hand, debt provides guaranteed but lower returns. Mutual funds offer you the option of investing in the stock market indirectly while protecting your investment. However, you may not have a huge lump sum to invest in these instruments. It is advisable to opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to build wealth over the long-term.

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