Saturday, 27 December 2014

Personal Financial Resolutions and Investment Strategies in 2015

Posted by RaviKumar Nama
As we are eagerly waiting for the New Year celebrations, this is the right time for every one to take a resolution for making or managing Personal Financial Planning for 2015. This Personal Financial Planning would help us in managing our hard-earned money for long term. We need to come up with a Personal Budget to make a financial planning for us. Let's have a look on financial resolutions that one should do in the coming year.

Investment Strategies and Financial Resolutions in 2015:

Know your Expenses:

The first resolution you should do on the coming new year is, understanding your expenses and trying to regulate the expenses. Some of the expenses like Eating out, Buying Luxury items, Frequent trips, Buying unwanted or expensive Insurance products, Paying penalties, Spending on parties etc. Once you identify your expenses, you can easily find out the unwanted expenses and can regulate these expenses.

Know your Debts:

The second most important resolution is understanding your Debts. There are Good loans and Bad loans. Home Loan comes under Good loan. Home Loans are cheapest loans and attracts tax benefits also. So, maintaining Home loan is a good idea. Similarly loans like Credit card loan, Personal loan are bad loans. They are not only expensive but also eat away your savings. So, take a resolution to get rid of bad loans first. If you have surplus money, then first try to close the highest expensive loans first. Also, when you are taking Personal loan or Credit card loan, first you search for cheaper loans like Gold loan, Loan against Property, Loan against Policies or PF Loan.

Choose your Investment Products:

Understand your risk profile first and then choose the right Investment product that suits to your risk profile. If you are a conservative Investor then don't look for stocks. Also, do not put all your money in one Investment Product. Diversify your investments into different Products. Make sure you should include the right blended of Investment products according to your risk profile is the key value to your success in your financial planning.

Invest in Small Quantities Regularly:

The best way of savings is investing in small quantities on regular basis. Mutual Funds are the best investment product to invest in small quantities for longer period. You can as low as Rs. 500 per month in Mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) approach. Like wise, you can invest in smaller quantities in Bank RDs, PPF etc. Take a resolution to start your investments by investing in smaller quantities on regular basis for a long term approach. This would gives you an amazing results at the end.

Other Resolutions to be Taken:

- Maintain Contingency Fund which is equal to 3 - 6 months of your net salary
- Take a Term Policy for a sum which is equal to 8 - 10 times of your gross salary
- Take a Health Insurance policy for your family
- Identify your financial goals like children studies, marriages, your retirement etc. and attach one right investment product to each financial goal.


By taking these simple steps on your financial planning, you can be best assured for rest of your life. This coming new year is a new start for your Investment strategy. Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year - 2015.


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