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Best Freelance Websites to Work Online

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Freelancing now-a-days becomes great way of working online. The flexibility in working, the flexibility in timing and the flexibility in location making Freelancing more and more popular. Because of the growing popularity, many websites mushroomed in the market that provide freelancing services. There are many companies on the web that allow independent contractors or freelancers and clients to meet. The following are the best Freelance websites which provide very good freelance services.

Best Freelance Websites:

1. Freelancer: 

Founded in 2009, connects 22 million employers and freelancers across the globe. According to the Australian company, these users have posted 10 million projects and contests to date on this freelancing marketplace.You can simply start by creating a ‘profile’. The Corporate Profile displays all necessary information about your company along with company logo. The Personal Profile displays your name, the line of work that you do as a professional freelancer, a brief introduction of yourself, your skills and qualifications, etc. Employers post projects whereas job seekers bid for different projects and get awarded (or selected) to work on a project. For reviews and more details on, you can visit Freelancer Review

2. UpWork: 

UpWork , formerly known as oDesk offers opportunities for developers, designers, systems and data analysts, writers, translators, marketers, and business and administrative professionals. Like Elance, it touts some notable clients, such as OpenTable, NBC, and Panasonic, and features more than 100,000 monthly postings. It provide very high quality service and the commissions that they cut for projects are also small. A very good support team that will respond all your queries and problems immediately. Unlike Elance, UpWork clients – not freelancers – set hourly rates or flat fees per project. However, you can negotiate those rates during the interview process. Membership is free and lacks Elance’s multi-tiered structure. The platform deducts a 10% fee from the client’s payment. Post-project client ratings and total earnings signify experience and competence on the site, increasing the likelihood of selection for future projects.

3. People Per Hour: 

PeoplePerHour matches clients with a wide range of specialized freelancers. Upon opening a free account, you create a profile highlighting your experience, competencies, and minimum compensation requirements. Although it was launched in the year 2008 it has gained significant popularity now. Its a good place for programmers, graphic designers, content writers and virtual assistants to get good paying projects.

4. Elance:  

Elance brokers freelancer-client relationships in several broad categories: programming, mobile app development, design, writing, and marketing. The platform, whose clients include notable firms such as Mozilla, CareerBuilder, and Disney, sees more than 100,000 job postings per month. Anyone can sign up for an account and search easily for postings. However, having an Elance account doesn’t guarantee work. Job postings that require fewer specialized skills, such as website content and marketing copy generation, tend to have more applicants. More complicated jobs, especially OS-specific development work, may be less competitive. Positive client feedback and higher lifetime earnings are what can set your proposals apart from those of less experienced workers. With a large number of freelancers in different fields like web designing and development, graphics design, content writing etc and about 50,000 jobs posted every month, there’s always a huge scope in getting fresh jobs here.

5. Guru:

Guru connects individual clients and companies to designers, developers, accountants, administrative professionals, writers, translators, marketers, and legal specialists. Unlike Elance and UpWork, where clients must post individual jobs and accept applications from freelancers, Guru’s freelancers actively advertise themselves to clients. Those clients can select workers before communicating the details of their projects. Clients can also post jobs, for which freelancers may search and apply. Projects are paid on an hourly or flat-fee basis, with no bidding required. When you sign up for Guru, you create a profile that highlights your skills, experience, and minimum compensation requirements. Once a client hires you, Guru holds funds in escrow until all of the project’s deliverables are approved. The platform takes 4.5% of the total payment on every project. The site also shows how much a particular company has spent on Guru freelancers, so job seekers can make an educated decision about the companies they want to work for. Search for work by category, location and fixed versus hourly jobs.

Advantages of Freelancing:

  1. Flexibility in Timing: This is the most advantage of Freelancing. Since you are not tied up with any company, you can choose your own convenient time to work. You are the boss and you have your own rules to work.
  2. Flexibility in Choosing the Work:  You have the flexibility to choose the work that you are comfortable and the load you can bear. Choosing of work depends on the income you want to earn.
  3. Flexibility of Location: You have the flexibility to work from anywhere, either at home or some other place that makes you comfortable to work. No need of worry about commutation and traffic jams. You can spend more time with your family.
  4. Better Opportunities: No worry of competition and no worry of office politics. When you do great job, your feedback scores will reflect your performance levels to other clients and you will get better and bigger opportunities.

Do’s and Don’t with Freelancing:

  1. Understand completely about job description before applying
  2. Show professionalism in executing the jobs
  3. Always keep track of your job schedule to avoid any delays
  4. To sustain in Freelancing career, you should do your job well
  5. Do not post fake skills
  6. Apply on multiple jobs and make sure that you are able to balance your time well
  7. Should be flexible and adaptive


If you have right skills and want to sell your skills in the market, Freelancing is the best suitable concept for you. Today's technological capabilities combined with a growing need for part-time and temporary labor means that more and more members of the workforce are taking their skill-sets and launching careers as professional freelancers. No matter your area of expertise, you're bound to find great freelance openings on these Freelancing websites. Don’t limit yourself to only finding jobs outside your home. You might be surprised to find even more opportunities on the internet.

Happy Earning!


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