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6 Best Re-Commerce Websites to Sell out Your Used Items

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After e-commerce, the Re-commerce or Reverse Commerce getting popular business model of online. The Re-commerce is an activity that promotes the re-marketing of used goods by organizing the resale of these goods to merchants by the owners. Many new start-ups are chasing in this big Re-commerce opportunity. To gain new customers and lure people away from online classified as well as offline stores, these re-commerce companies offering product specialization, a more scientific price discovery mechanism and higher convenience to bring the second-hand goods market online. What are these Re-commerce websites? How these are different from Olx, Quickr or eBay? What are the benefits from Re-commerce websites? What are the best Re-commerce websites available? We will see in this article...

What is Re-Commerce?

The word Re-Commerce is an extension of e-Commerce. The word e-Commerce is shopping online. When you sell your old stuff online, it becomes Re-Commerce. Many companies across the globe are working on Re-commerce industry. Because of the benefits and flexibility in this industry, the Re-Commerce getting popular and many new entrants are mushrooming in this industry.

Why Re-Commerce Websites?

You might have heard about the websites like Olx, Quickr or eBay which are already working on shopping used goods. But, these websites are just online classified websites where you can post an advertisement to sell your used stuff. But these websites did not involve in the transactions. Interested parties will directly touch base with you and complete the transaction. But, sometimes answering to the continuous calls by the parties is a big headache for you and may not get good price for your stuff. To resolve these issues, the Re-Commerce websites offering a wide range of end-to-end trade-in solutions to your used stuff. Re-commerce websites operates directly or indirectly, keeping full control of the trading process and selecting expert partners and logistics specialists.

Benefits with Re-Commerce Websites:

  1. Re-commerce helps both customers and e-commerce firms by reducing wastage and utilizing goods that may otherwise have become redundant.
  2. Adding value in taking ownership of goods which nobody wants and Guaranteed repurchase price to the holder of the product.
  3. Most of them organize the logistical return of the product. In most cases, logistics costs are supported by the re-commerce company.
  4. Saving you from the hassle of answering numerous buyer calls and negotiation
  5. Maintaining privacy by not sharing/flashing your mobile number in the public domain
  6. Assuring a quick sale and instant cash.
  7. The products they sell are reconditioned in a specialized refurbishing facility and are of high quality.
  8. Responsibly recycling the waste

6 Best Re-Commerce Websites to Sell out Your un-used Gadgets


ReGlobe is one of the fastest growing Re-commerce website in the world. It offers to sell your used products ranging from Laptop, Mobiles, Tabs, Desktops, Refrigerators, ACs, TVs, Washing Machines etc. A very well maintained and neatly categorized website offers you to sell your products with out any hassle. For most of the major cities they are offering direct pick-up. If required, they will send you a pre-paid shipping kit with courier label included. There will be no hidden costs to sell and no extra hassle to ship. The unique features like Immediate Offer, Free Pick up, Get Paid in Cash making ReGlobe most favorable Re-Commerce website.


Gazelle pay cash for your used gadgets, then they will provide fresh life to the gadget and sell it new owners. Gazelle, one of the leading Re-commerce website started in 2007 and offering online trade-in services from 2008 on wards. Today they have 2 million customers and paid already more than $ 200 millions for the used items to the people no longer needed. With simple navigations and great services, many customers in US are opting Gazelle to sell out their used products.Gazelle payments can be made by check, Amazon gift card or PayPal.


NextWorth buys a lot of the same gadgets as Gazelle. But if you're a photographer or gamer, this is a great place to go for a resell. In addition to phones, tablets, mp3 devices and computers, NextWorth buys DSLR cameras, point-and-shoots, game consoles, GPS devices, e-readers and calculators. Bummed that iOS 6 is leaving the first-gen iPads in the dust? You could get $185 for a 64GB, 3G + WiFi-enabled first-gen iPad, which would chip off a third of the price for an entry-level New iPad. NextWorth also has a retail partnership with Target stores in the U.S. Customers can receive a Target gift card when they trade-in used electronics in-store.

Karma Recycling:

Karma Recycling was started by friends as an awareness foundation to tackle the growing mountain of electronics in India. Born from a social need, Karma Recycling has since turned into a turnkey manager of electronic waste or "e-waste", electronics trade-in programs, and return of product for the best companies in the world. Karma's team has the experience and professionalism to work directly with our client's customers to complete trade-in transactions, evidenced by our own e-portal for old gadgets, or devise clever logistics solutions for our clients to handle rejected or "broken" electronics across India. They have the huge list of acceptable materials to trade-in with them. Apart from electronic gadgets, they also accept Household appliances, Medical Equipments, Test Equipments, Microwaves, Office Equipments etc. This flexibility of acceptable materials making 'Karma Recycling' a most favorable Re-Commerce website in India.


Started in US in 2009 by Bob Casey and Rich Littlehale, YouRenew have processed hundreds of thousands of items and have expanded into a variety of categories - adding tablets, conferencing gear, and more. In early 2009 YouRenew expanded beyond charity programs and launched its online trade-in platform at - allowing anyone to Get Paid to Recycle. The response to the website was awesome - and the YouRenew team grew by leaps and bounds. A year later, launched a full service trade-in solution for corporations as well. Today, serves a wide range of customers, from individual consumers to Fortune 500 companies and growing further.


It is the newest re-commerce site on dock. It is an innovative local marketplace for sale and purchase of used & refurbished electronic goods. It offers unique platform for both buyers and sellers to transact pre-owned, refurbished and factory seconds lifestyle gadgets, which addresses a dual consumer problem. On the website there are options like buy or sell, and, repair and refurbish.The products put on sale usually undergo a process of internal testing and certification, involving 13 checks.The company would also roll out the brick and mortar stores for used products- according to its founder, Dashradh Ram Nutakki, Ynew will get four stores in Hyderabad this year and later it is planning to expand to other cities as well.


This Re-Commerce concept not only help to the Users and Companies but also reduce the wastage and encourage the recycling of the waste products to serve more people. This Re-Commerce industry would reach new peaks in the coming years.

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