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3 Best Free Student Planner Apps For Managing Your Time

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Now-a-days School or College students are having the smart phones and using various apps which are helpful for not only entertainment but also for their career. One of the most difficult part of any student is planning and tracking of their day-to-day activities like their homework activities, notifications, alarms, revision activities etc. There are many useful Student Planner apps available on the net for free as well as paid. There are some good free apps available which manage the standard planning or organizing activities of students with ease and fun. These apps lets you set your class schedules, due dates, reminders, tasks etc. Some apps allows you to sync with other resources or apps also. The following 3 apps are best suitable for Indian students to plan or organize their daily activities with ease.

3 Best Free Student Planner Apps for Managing Time:


It is one of the best App for organizing your classes, tasks and exams. My Study Life is everything your paper planner and has more features like Rotation schedules, assignments, revision, exams etc. The best part with 'My Study Life' is that it is available on all platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows 8 and above etc. It supports week and day rotation timetables as well as traditional weekly schedules.   'Tasks' feature will enable to make your ToDo list and the 'Reminders' feature notifies about incomplete tasks and upcoming classes and exams. The 'Sync' feature syncs your data seamlessly across all of your devices and is accessible even when you are offline. This 'MyStudyLife' also having useful features for Teachers and Schools as well. But you need to pay to avail the features.


This is one of the leading cross-platform student planner App to manage and organize the various activities of a student. Using 'myHomeWork' app, you can completely get rid of your traditional paper planner. With 'myHomeWork' app, you can easily track all your School/College activities with ease and fun. You can quickly add your homework, tests, activities, ToDos, Projects, and lessons. You can also easily enter your class times. You can also sync all your data of different platforms using internet and can work offline. myHomework helps students at any level improve their organization and become better students. For a fraction of the cost of paper planners, schools can offer myHomework ads-free to their students. One more unique feature of 'myHomeWork' is its integration with app. is a free app where teachers can share information about their classes. If your teacher uses, you can quickly join their class and their due dates, files and announcements will automatically be synced to your myHomework planner!

iStudiez Pro:

iStudiez Pro is the best app for students which combines tracking schedule, homework and grades with a delightful user experience. It also syncs data with iOS and Mac OS versions of the app. This app also supports with Windows 7-10. The beautiful dashboard enables you to quick overview of your daily schedules and tasks at a glance. The app allows you to easily manage all your homework and assignments. Assignments view is a comprehensive tool to help you organize your academic work. You can your tasks by date, course and priority, set due dates and track your marks or grades received, in the Completed section. The 'Schedule Planner' is a very innovative section and you can plan and manage your courses and classes details, locations, instructors info, holidays and grades. iStudiez Pro syncs all the app data between Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Windows PC. Once input in the app on any of your devices, your data is momentarily synced to all of the others where iStudiez Pro is installed. Using 'Notifications' feature, you can catch your class or exam or assignment deadlines with smart notifications. Set notifications for all events and tasks. iStudiez Pro will take care you and never miss any of those. You will see notification way in advance and stay organized, more than ever. Google Calendar events can be shown in iStudiez Pro. Moreover, you can share the app's schedule to other calendar apps. If you wish to share your schedule with your friends or parent, yes you can go ahead!


Using these Apps you can avoid completely your traditional and laborious paper work. You can organize all your planning activities and track them with ease.


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