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6 Unwanted Apps That Should Be Deleted From Your Mobile

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Many of us are using smartphones and whenever we get a new smartphone or tablet, the temptation is always to head straight to the Google Play or App store and download everything in sight, like a kid in a digital candy shop.But how many of us are thinking about the threats with any new Apps. We think that the Apps available in Google Play are safe to install, but some times Google also not checking properly about the safety of these Apps. Yes, we agree that there will be some significant benefits with the Apps, but one should think about the negative impacts like hacking of your personal data, transferring of viruses, de-grading the performance of the device, eating away your valuable storage space etc. So, experts are warning the users about the genuinity of the App before installing. If you find any any such kind of App, it is always better to uninstall those Apps immediately. We will see some most un-wanted Apps that should be deleted from your mobile in this article.

Why We Need to Remove Un-Wanted Apps from Mobile:

  1. For protecting our personal or sensitive data from theft
  2. For shielding our mobile from viruses
  3. To stop big battery drainage
  4. Stopping excessive data consumption
  5. Retaining from performance de-grade issues
  6. To save the storage space  

6 Unwanted Apps Should Be Deleted From Your Mobile:

1. QuickPic:

This App is a Photo gallery app. This was developed by Cheetah Mobiles. The problem with this App is about the safety of your data in your mobile. They are hacking your sensible data from your mobile to their servers. To protect from data theft, it is better to delete this app from your mobile immediately.

2. Dolphin Browser:

This is also one of the Hacking app. If you are using Android smart phone, this App will hack all the user visited sites and the data including your credentials. So, it is better uninstall this App from your mobile, otherwise all your valuable info will be transferred to the servers of this App.

3. ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer is for managing your files efficiently in your mobile. Though this is a good file manager for your files, this App will transfer various viruses like Bloatware, Adware etc into your mobile which will eat away all your sensible data. You should delete immediately this App.

4. CLEANit:

CLEANit is useful to clean all the junk files and release valuable memory to boost the performance. But, during the cleaning process, this App will use high battery and will face issues with battery power in future. Also, their in-app advertising has the potential to take a chunk out of your monthly data allowance. So, it is advisable to remove this App from your mobile.

5. Music Player:

Now-a-days, this App is coming as a default app in Android devices. This App helps you to search all music and audio files with ease. But this App uses high battery and your phone discharges frequently. Not only that it will use huge data when your phone is connected to Internet. So, it is not recommended to install or retain in your phone.

6. UC Browser

UC Browser is famous for accelerating your internet speed in your mobile. However during this process, this will compress the internet speed and hence you will face problems to access other Apps. So, this App is also should be deleted from your mobile.

Some Key Points To Remember Before Installing an App:

  1. Do not install any App from 3rd party markets like Juniper etc. Most malware is found on 3rd party markets.
  2. Observe the star ratings and read the reviews about the App. This is also one kind of action taking to gauge the security of the App.
  3. It is always better idea to take backup of your data before installing any new App.
  4. Check the permissions that an app asks for before you install it. If anything here sets off warning bells – or simply makes you uncomfortable – it's a good prompt to walk away.
  5. Consider anti-virus software for your Mobile security. Avast, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton are some of the reliable mobile anti-virus providers.
  6. Keep an eye on fake versions of the App. If possible, google it for reliable versions of that App.


There are many un-wanted Apps available on Google Play. You need to properly check the genuinity of these Apps before installing into your mobile. 


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