Friday, 26 January 2018

My Strong Stock Recommendations for Year 2017 - Part 3

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This post is the last continuation post for my previous posts My Strong Stocks Recommendations for 2017 - Part 1 & My Strong Stocks Recommendations for 2017 - Part 2. From the last few quarters, Markets are zooming like rocket. Sensex is currently trading at 36000+ and NSE is 11000+.  I hope Markets are reached at peak stage and may correct to some extent in the near future. Those who are investing in SEP (Systematic Equity Plan) on fundamentally strong stocks, can continue their investments. Those who invested in Lump-sum, can re-visit their portfolios and can reduce.

Performance Report of My Earlier Suggested Stocks:

I have recommended the following stocks on 02-Sep-2016. Approximately after 1.5 years, see the performance of these stocks. I have already given exit to the stocks of 'Arex Industries' on 26-Aug-2017. Hence I am not quoting here.

I am suggesting to continue to hold Vindhya Telelinks, but no fresh buying is required in this. However, United Drilling Tools and Trigyn Technologies are still suggestible to continue the SEP or Buy-on-Dips approach. Many readers are asking the best Stocks and Mutual funds for 2018. I will be publishing those details in my coming posts.


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