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6 Best Tips for Travelling on Budget

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(Published on 17-Oct-2018)
Travelling on a budget is a hard nut to crack. When heading to a place for the first time, you would want to try out the local cuisine, shop at local stores for authentic souvenirs, and explore the city and what not. And when you are travelling with your significant other, the excitement is double, and so could be the expenses if you do not pull up your purse strings on time. The key is to plan ahead and plan smart. Think about ways to save while travelling as a couple, without compromising on the fun. How should you then go about? We will tell you. Read on:

Travelling With Your Partner Does Not Have To Be an Expensive Affair!:

1. Opt for a Travel loan Instead of a Credit Card:

A travel loan is like a personal loan with which you can fund all the expenses of your travel – right from air tickets to hotel accommodation to what you eat and shop.
It may be a viable option to steer clear of the credit card and opt for a holiday loan because the cost of a personal loan for travel is significantly lesser than a credit card. Interests charged on credit cards are at least three to four times higher than the interest charged against travel loans.
Go online, search for a personal loan EMI calculator, do the math yourself and see how much EMI you need to pay against a particular amount of travel loan that you need to take to fund your vacation. It will be much lesser than what you’d have had to repay on your credit card. If you must, be a smart borrower.
You can get holiday loans from institutions such as Tata Capital at interest rates that are easy on your pocket. If you are looking for a foreign trip, then one can assume that your loan requirement will be higher. In such cases, you and your partner can apply for the personal loan as co-applicants. A co-applicant helps to supplement your eligibility of receiving a loan. Financial institutions such as Tata Capital consider your income as well as that of the co-applicant to approve a higher amount of loan.

2. Opt for Home Stays Instead of Hotels:

The price of a two-bed private room is usually higher than that of a Homestay. Homestays offer a cost-effective mode of staying and give you all the privacy that you are looking for. The add-ons – you get a warm host and home-cooked meals that are easy on the pocket. Besides, you won’t even have to sleep in separate twin beds. Now that sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

3. Share Toiletries and Cosmetics: 

If your hotel or homestay is offering free toiletries and basic cosmetics, don’t bother to carry them at all. In fact, even if you do, when you pack your bag, sit together and decide which cosmetic or toiletry you both can use. It could be a unisex shower gel, deodorant, powder, anything.

4. Romantic Picnics versus Mundane Restaurant Food: 

When you are travelling alone, we can understand, but when travelling as a couple why not make it more adventurous, at the same time, save some crucial bucks? Of course, aided with your travel loan, you have all the money to splurge, but why not save up some for your next vacation instead?

So, instead of an expensive lunch at Times square, how about packing some buns, some local sausages and home-made cheese, a few muffins and a bottle of soda or juice in a basket and have a teeny-weeny picnic at the park? It’s going to cost you half of what you’d have had to shell out at a restaurant. Of course, you needn’t be miserly all the time. If it’s about an iconic restaurant, then you must try their delicacies at least once during your trip, but even there you can probably order the same starter and even split your main course. That saves a lot of money, doesn’t it?

5. Make Each Other and The Destination the Priority: 

Of course, you have a holiday loan to fall back on, but why accumulate stuff that you are never going to use? So, stop eying those souvenirs, or even that dress or shoe which you are going to get at half the price back home. Do not get caught up on shopping stuff you don’t need. Instead, focus on exploring a new city with your beloved. There is a lot you can do, right from taking a cheap boat ride, visiting a local winery or brewery or maybe visiting a museum that offers free entry on a particular day of the week. Watch out for deals and discounts. And if you must shop, head to places where a sale is going on.

6. Travel Locally:

Hiring a car or taking the cab for every other errand can make a big dent in your pocket. Since you are not alone, you won’t get lost, so take the bus, the train, the tube, the metro, the ferry and save the cost of conveyance. Bus and train passes are available both online and offline in most places, you can buy them and go anywhere you want to.


A holiday with your partner does not mean you will be creating a dent in your savings plan. A travel loan is there to help you plan your finances. You can enjoy the best things with that extra help without missing out on the place.


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