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4 Important Points To Build Immunity For Winter

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(Published on 23-Jan-2019)

Winter season is knocking at the door! Needless to say, perils of viral flu stemming from an unpredictable seasonal weather change have hit us already. In delicate times as these, it becomes solely our own onus to boost our self-immunity and make sure that we stay protected. The next wise thing to do is to get ourselves a well-sought health insurance plan and being equipped with the unexpected cost of hospitalization or consultation fees, in times of emergencies. 

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4 Important Points To Build Immunity For Winter

For most people, choosing a health care plan is a pretty simple task; all he or she has to do is read the terms and conditions and sign it off. But for a lesser percentage of people, especially those who have low immunity (meaning they get sick very often), will have to carefully select the medical health insurance plan best-suited for their needs.

Having a weakened immune system may result in the person needing frequent trips to the medical practitioner or hospital.

Weakened immunity may also be the result of an autoimmune disease. This means that the body’s immune system attacks the healthy cells of the body and these types of chronic diseases are incredibly expensive to provide treatment for. The patient is usually left struggling with medical expenditure throughout his or her lifetime.

1. Staying Covered in winters

Staying immune to the wrath of winters is not a difficult task to accomplish. The quick remedies listed below can help you boost your immune system in winters.
  • Stock up your body with probiotics and prebiotics 
  • Drink fresh juices 
  • Supplement your body with green veggies, garlic, onions, etc. 
  • Consume healthy fats 
  • Fall in love with apple cider vinegar 
  • Do not forget to work out 
Winter often weakens our immunity system, and makes us go through severe health hassles in the process of recovery. It also gets tedious sometimes. So, apart from the above-mentioned, you must also start thinking about insuring your and your family’s health, if you haven’t already.

2. Finding the best insurance provider

It is obvious that a healthy person may need a primary physician for, at best, 2 to 3 times a year. But it is a whole different ballgame when the person has a weakened immune system. The person will require an entire team of specialists along with multiple healthcare providers. 

The first step would be calling medical health insurance companies to check with them, to know more about the range of health insurance plans and what coverage policies will be suitable to the person.

The main aim is to reduce the money spent on treatment and of course, to simplify the method of treatment. Because as stated before, a weakened immune system results in multiple visits a year to a doctor, which if the person ends up paying out of their own pocket will definitely not be feasible in the long-term process.

3. Assistance programs for affordable medicines

Having a weakened immunity can result in spending a large amount of money each month as the medicines are quite expensive. Patients with weakened immunity who require such specific medicines should be able to meet their deductible. 

What does that mean? In simple terms, it is the amount of money that the patient must pay out of their own pocket before the medical health insurance provider begins to cover the bigger percentage of the total expenditure.

It is essential to call the medical health insurance provider and confirm that they have a deductible policy for situations such as the above.

The reality is that for a person with a weakened immune system, the patient might have to try out several drugs before the doctor can figure out which one is best suited for their needs. Since these medicines are expensive, it is recommended that they find and get into an assistance program before buying a medical health insurance plan or policy.

4. Planning ahead is necessary

Most patients with a weakened immune system might need imaging tests such as MRI, CAT SCAN or CT SCANS to be done. These, of course, are expensive. 

Before considering any medical health insurance policy, always make sure to compare the premium to the amount you will be able to pay out of your own expense.

Sometimes it may be less expensive to pay a high premium so as to pay a lesser amount out of your own pocket. But on the other hand, for certain medical health insurance providers, it might be the contrary which is a much cheaper option. 

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Having a weakened immunity is a delicate condition, and it is absolutely essential to carefully choose a medical health insurance coverage policy specifically suited to the needs of the patient.


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