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5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

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(Published on 28-03-2019)
It is that time of the year when the sweltering heat will soon make it a struggle for you to keep yourself calm. Well, the summer season is approaching and is going to extend till mid-September. With the continuous rise in temperature over the years, the season is going to bring in a lot of illnesses with it such as dehydration, mosquito-borne diseases, nose bleeding, etc.

All this brings us to the prime question- how to beat the heat this summer?

Well, in this article, we tell you 5 of the best ways in which you can circumvent the harmful effects of the summer season and maintain a healthy and fit life.

5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer


Let your clothing do the job. As soon as the temperatures rise, it is important that you start wearing clothes that allow air to flow in and out freely. Go for cotton and linen fibre outfits. Avoid wearing layers of clothes since they trap heat, making you feel all the more hot.

Plan Your Workout Wisely

While it is imperative to exercise, it is advisable that you either go out to exercise early in the morning or late evenings when the sun has set. Finish your workout well before sunrise to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated, tired, and groggy. 

If you are suffering from an illness such as diabetes or cholesterol, ensure that you buy a medical insurance so as to deal with any medical emergency aptly. Use a health insurance premium calculator to figure out how much premium you will have to shell out during each installment so as to plan in advance. If you are one of those who suffers from a lot of illnesses, avoid exerting yourself more than you can handle while exercising.

Bid Farewell to Alcohol and Caffeine

Beverages such as alcohol and caffeine can rob you of your bodily fluids that are extremely important for your body to cool down. Instead, replace such drinks with other beneficial liquids such as water, fresh juices or buttermilk. Drink plenty of these in order to allow the electrolytes to stay balanced in your body.

Eat Light, Eat Right

Include ample number of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Consume food that is light that too in small quantities spread over different meals over the day. Food that is rich in water content such as watermelons and cucumber is highly recommended.

In case you suffer from major diseases or under the critical illness policy owing to your ill health, avoid spicy and fried foods at all costs since it only leads to worsening of health.

Protect Your Eyes and Skin

While venturing out, ensure that you apply a quality sunscreens lotion to protect yourself from the UVrays. Invest in an SPF50 sunscreens can surely go a long way in reducing the chances of skin burns, tanning or rashes. Another way to beat the heat is to wear sunglasses every time you go out in the open so as to protect your eyesight from the harmful radiations of the sun.


So, this was all about some great ways to escape the high temperature this summer. Do not let the heat overpower you. Use the aforementioned tips to protect yourself from the potential ill effects of the summer season.


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