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3 Best Useful Websites / Mobile APPs for Students in 2019

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(Published on 15-Apr-2019)
Internet is providing a bountiful information about anything like learning, earning, socializing , hobbies etc. It is very difficult to choose a right website or mobile app that suits to your requirement. Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have started these websites or mobile apps based on their experiences, failures and successes. Education is not about piling up degrees but honing skills that attract the market in this cut-throat competition.The following 3 websites or mobile apps are best opportunities for students to improve their skills and there by increasing their employ-ability opportunities.

3 Best Useful Websites or Mobile APPs for Students in 2019:

Based on my research, the following are the best useful websites or mobile apps for students (also for employees) in 2019:


InterviewBit is a platform to learn skills that you need for technology jobs. It helps you polish your skills and get ready for the job, whether you are a fresh college graduate or a working professional. They also get you connected with the right companies worldwide based on your skills and preferences, and do everything needed to make sure you get your dream job. They will also provide a customized action plan to get your dream job based on your current preparation and goals. The other features like Interview Coverage, Referring to Top Tech Companies, Interview Questions and answers of top companies, Puzzles, Mentoring by a highly qualified Industry expert etc. will be provided here.


AlmaConnect is a powerful tracking & invitation Platform to find and get alumni, students & faculty members join the network and always find their information updated on the platform. AlmaConnect is deeply integrated with all social media points and help you build one consolidated and powerful channel to engage with your alumni is a primary point of contact catering to all your and their needs. AlmaConnect helps connect with all your alumni communities on the go, Mobile App, Tablet, Website, Mobile Website, Facebook Application as well as email app. It allows alumni to do not adopt one more network and connect from where they are comfortable with AlmaConnect automatically fetches job openings in companies where your alums work. You can further find openings you are interested in and can get referred by the alum(s) working there.

With a vision to create multilevel platform to save books, save trees is to make your future a greener place and make planet Earth an eco-friendly place to live in. Reusing your books is like giving a new life to a tree. Sharing your old used book with someone is like a tree who gives shade to it passers. SaveBooks is an effort done to save books by Exchange, Buy, Sell, Donate of old books within your area, school / college or class. The seeds of SaveBooks germinated in the mind to create a place for book lovers with host of powerful features that make online book shopping of second hand used book very easy and quick. Books are just a click away; users can meet to get books. It is designed to save space in their bookshelf, save money on books, save precious time.


It is just a little effort to list some useful websites on this post. Apart from the above 3, there are many more useful websites or mobile apps available for students and employee. I will be sharing you such useful information in my coming blog posts.


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