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Top 4 Best Websites / Apps To Buy the Scrap / Waste At Your Doorstep in India

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(Published on 20-Jun-2019)
Now-a-days, many countries in the world are facing the problem of high quantity of scrap dumps in their land. India alone producing 70 million tonnes of waste which comprises 45 million tonnes of solid waste every year. But, 70% of this waste is untreated and dumped at landfill sites. Because of the lack of awareness and unorganized business layouts to recycle these scrap dumps, the environment is becoming highly polluted. However, some young entrepreneurs in India found an answer to address these scrap market problems. They took the help of technology and entered into the scrap market to tap the scrap for recycling and benefiting mutually. 

4 Best Websites for Scrap Buying from Your Home or Office:

1. JunKart:

Junkart, which is a startup company to serve the nation with a GO Green environment, landed its feet in online Scrap market to resolve all the loopholes related to Buy & Sell of waste from the customers online. With a vision of making a wider impact in flourishing waste management industry by collaborating with all vendors to form a profitable chain management. Junkart come up with an online website and Mobile app to make the customers an hassle free pick up arrangements from their home of offices. They provided a well-defined rate card also for each scrap item and make you surprise with the money worth outcomes. They are also offering waste management solutions to the corporates and big institutions with innovative solutions.


TheKabadiwala, a door-step smart solution for all your waste, operating currently in Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Raipur and Indore. They will buy all kind of waste materials such as Papers, Plastic, Metals and E-waste generating from homes and office at your door step. Their transparent rate card will give an idea to the customers about income from the waste. They are urging the people to use their application as a platform for the residents to participate in responsible waste management and contributing in saving the environment. They also giving incentives for referring the friends. They are planning to expand across pan-India in the coming days.

3. ScrapQ: 

Coming up with a commitment to improve the environment for the future generations, ScrapQ is one of the best online scrap collectors in India. They are providing the most cost-effective waste management solutions to the customers and playing an integral part in improving environment quality. Their motto is to use the technology as a catalyst to help the customers and other stake holders "Responsible Recycle". Currently it is operating in Hyderabad and planning to expand across India. They are also offering offline services at different locations in Hyderabad by placing their agents.

4. zolopik:

Zolopik or Khalibottle is  an online platform to sell your scrap, helping the society to recycle more of their waste by enabling the informal recycle sector. If you want to earn some cash / donate for a cause by selling all your scrap, here is the right platform for you. They want to use resources more sustainably for a healthy, clean community and to bring more dignity to the recycling profession. You can your scrap and other unused materials in just a few clicks and get handsome money, coupons or donate for a cause by selling your trash that other kabadiwala cannot offer you. They ensure that the trash collected remain properly segregated and don't ends up in landfills. They are operating in many major cities of India.


Recycling is divine and responsible to save the earth from the pollution and making clean environment to our future generations. Use these online solutions to sell out your scraps and waste and save the earth with commitment to the environment.


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