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Best Way to Invest In Direct Mutual Funds

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(Published on 04-Jan-2020)
If you are looking for the best mutual funds to invest in, you are making the right monetary choice. Doing such would allow you to get the provision of offering in both regular and direct schemes. Most investors generally go for the direct plan as it would help him/her to spend in such a fund. When you invest in direct mutual funds, it allows you, the investor, to invest directly with the scheme without going through any broker or intermediaries. Also, there are several other benefits that you can get over any conventional system. As a result, most investors tend to subscribe to using a direct plan. If you intend to carry out investment, there are several aspects of immediate plans that you need to know.

What Are The Platforms That You Can Look For Such Investments?

Several platforms are using which you can be a part of this economic phenomenon. They include:
  • The utility of mutual funds
  • Visiting the official site of the Companies for Asset Management
  • Using registrars of mutual funds such as Karvy MFs and CAMs
  • Internet platforms from investment advisers registered with SEBI
But, before implementing direct funds using any of the above platforms, you need to ensure that your documentation is prepared. The necessary documents that this investment requires include:
  • Permanent Account Number
  • A bank account
  • Aadhar Number
  • Documents related to KYC

Best Method of Investing in the Plans

There is no discrimination of any kind when it comes to investing in a direct mutual fund plan. The best mutual funds to invest always offer you two options, the online subscription, and the offline subscription. If you do not want to go through the hassle of waiting in line in the fund house, then the former is most suitable for you. Using the direct mutual fund app, you can now invest in the direct online plans available on the web. You can also do this by visiting the official site of the organization where you intend to invest.

For carrying out an online subscription successfully, you need to:

Updating the KYC details

Anyone who chooses to invest in any mutual fund scheme is necessary to go through the "Know Your Customer Formalities" or KYC first. The method of updating the KYC is quite easy, and the process is done only one time. Filling this would allow you to use these details across different mutual fund organizations and platforms. All the best online investment apps will enable you to complete the KYC documentation not only online, but also offline.

Registration of your Account

With the mutual fund organization of your choice, you need to register your account after you are done with the formalities of KYC. First of all, for being a part of this process, you need to create an account. The details that the best mutual fund apps ask you to fill are the same as the offline forms. Although the details are the same, different mutual funds, do things differently. Some want you to fill your details all at once, whereas for others, you can do a regular registration. Following that, you will be doing an elaborate one.

Choosing the Best Plan and Scheme

After going through the process of registration, you need to visit the section named "Investment" and select the "Direct" plan type. When you choose this option, you need to choose from the Dividend and Growth options. With the dividend option, you get the provision of earning regularly. On the other hand, the growth option offers you to build your property slowly over time. Choose as per your requirements and then, verify and complete the process of the transaction.

Offline Subscription

The best direct mutual fund app allows you to invest both in the online and offline scheme of things. If you intend to subscribe to your preferred immediate mutual fund plans, you can choose to visit the office of the organization. For doing this without any hassle, all you need to:
  • In the beginning, you would be selecting the scheme of mutual fund that you intend to invest
  • Apply after you visit the closest branch of that company
  • Carry cash or check of the charged amount for subscribing directly to your plan of choice
One of the best and smart approaches that you can implement is to go through SIP investment. Using this would make these investments straightforward and free of any problems. You can opt to invest regularly after fixed-time intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Using this process would help you in tightening your pockets and make sure you build your wealth in the right direction. Due to the robust policies that it provides, it is one of the most go-to tools for investment these days. From your bank account, this SIP amount is withdrawn and invested in the mutual fund schemes.

How Can Investment In SIP Help You In The Long Run?

You can directly invest in mutual funds using two ways, using a lump sum approach, or using SIP investment. You can go for SIP if you intend to invest in the property if you want immediate gratification. However, if you're going to build your finance slowly over time, a lump sum is the best for you. SIP involves a fixed amount of money at a uniform time-span, despite what the financial situation is, you can buy more units if the market conditions are adverse. It would lead to a lower base price that interprets to higher returns.

With SIP, you get the opportunity to invest at an average cost. In volatile markets, SIP should be your option of choice instead of a huge chunk of assets. If you decide to choose the latter, you should always inspect the situations of the market to ensure that you do not suffer a substantial loss.


Investing in direct mutual funds would help you to develop your long-term monetary goals. Using SIP, you can break it in steps, or directly invest in a lump sum principle as well. Not only would it amplify your amount, but also teach the habits of investing and saving in you. Moreover, it also comes in handy, mainly when the market cycles and risks may be causes of concern to the portfolio, at least to an extent.

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