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4 Best Financial Lessons To Be Learnt From Corona or Covid-19

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(Published on 08-May-2020)
Every crisis is a great lesson for us. We have to accept that the crisis are part of our life and should learn many lessons from them. The current Corona or Covid-19 is an Universal pandemic and it is eating many lives around the Globe. Many countries including India are in the race of finding the vaccine for Covid-19 virus. Every one eagerly expecting that the vaccine would be in the market by this year-end. Though we are still in early stage in fighting with Covid-19, the current economic turbulences caused by the virus teaching us many financial lessons. We will see what are all these lessons in this post.

Financial Lessons To be Learnt From Corona / Covid-19:

1. Maintain Emergency Fund:

Every country, every person is fighting with Covid-19. May be in coming months, we will be coming up with a vaccine and might throw out the virus. The post Covid-19 world would be really bad days for the economy and all countries would affect a lot. It may really takes considerable  time to recover. During these time, many might loss their jobs or reduced income. This will impact all the companies irrespective of the industry. Hence, the first and foremost financial lesson to be learnt is to maintain an emergency fund to survive at least for 6 months to mitigate the job loss or pay cut. This emergency fund can help to face the turbulences. I suggest Liquid Mutual funds are the best source for maintaining Emergency fund. The following are some of the best Liquid Mutual funds and you should park either lump-sum or systematic way of investing money to maintain the Emergency fund.

2. Maintain Health Insurance:

Corona or Covid-19 is not the only virus affecting the Universe. There are many deadly viruses in the past also severely affected the world financially. Even we will be seeing many more such viruses in the future as well. Hence, health is one important factor in our life. If you do not have health insurance or not having sufficient health insurance, then this is the trigger point to maintain sufficient health insurance for you and your family. Though your Employer providing the Group Health Insurance, it is very much required to have a 3rd-party insurance for your entire family. Here are 5 good Health Insurance providers:

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3. Maintain Term Policy Insurance: 

When coming to Insurance policies, every one thinks about Endowment policies or money-back policies. These policies will provide some survival benefits to the insurer after the maturity. But, when some thing happened to the insurer and unable to earn income (or in some cases death of the insurer) to the family, then the compensation provided from these policies would not suffice to survive. The very purpose of Insurance is to provide protection your family in the absence of you. Only Term policies provide protection to your family in such scenarios. The following are Term policy details provided by some of the good service providers. Here are some of the good Term policy providers:

4. Maintain Diversified Investment Portfolio:

Every person should diversify their investment portfolio by including various investment products like Stocks, Mutual funds, Real estate, Gold etc. Because of the Covid-19 or Corona crisis, some of the investment avenues impacted heavily either positively or negatively. For eg., Real estate is the worst performer and Gold is the best performer in the current situation. Like wise, Pharmacy sectors benefited more and Manufacturing and Auto industry heavily damaged. Hence, it is always advised to diversify your investment products and your portfolio should consists all these products in different ratios based on your risk appetite and age. If you are unable to do so, better to consult one good financial advisor and take help in building your investment portfolio.


Every pain situation is an opportunity to learn new lessons and to continue our journey. Every one should be positive, optimistic and be prepared to face and fight the current difficult time. A silver lining is that if we strictly implement all the above lessons, we can tide such turbulences with less pain and strain.

Stay Home! Stay Safe !!


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