Thursday, 21 May 2020

Best 3 Virtual Tour Applications / Operators in India

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The entire world is facing severe panic with Covid-19 pandemic virus. Tourism is one of the worst-hit industry because of the Corona virus. The impact of the Covid-19 Corona Virus on world tourism is unquestionable, and the authorities' forecasts are based on previous experiences with similar cases such as that of SARS or H1N1. The very bad part of this virus is the exponential rate of spreading. Hence, tourists are not making any dare steps to go for tours around the Globe. Hotels, airlines, and cruise operators are just a few of the hardest hit travel industries that suffer the most immediate repercussions. People are now looking around virtual tours and these virtual tours are becoming buzz now-a-days. 

Advantages of Virtual Tours:

  • During this Corona times, you can visit your favorite places along with your family just sitting  at your home, which not only saves money and time but also will have quality time with your family.
  • Gives adequate information to the locations before you physically visit that place
  • Not only for tours but also for sectors like Real-estate, Education etc. can use for marketing their businesses
  • With latest Gadgets, like Fish-eye lens, software, apps etc.  giving real-near experiences to the users

Top 3 Best Virtual Tour Operators in India

There are many good Virtual tour providers available in India. Based on various factors like GUI of the website, Vision, clarity and the features, the following are some of the best Virtual Tour operators in India.

1. VDarshan:

VDarshan is a virtual tour company specializing in delivering high quality 360 degree virtual tours for websites and multimedia. VDarshan serves clients in the tourism, hotel, property, automobile, education, showrooms, entertainment and other various sectors. Established in India in 2006 and became one of the best Virtual Tour operator in India with in few years. They are organizing over 2000 virtual tours across India and world wide. All these tours are clearly organized based on the choices of the Tourists. You need to contact them for more details on these virtual tours.

2. P4Panorama:

P4Panorama is a production team lead by Leen Thobias, 360 Degree Virtual Reality Photographer, Kerala, focused on creating unexceptional quality panoramic images for use in print and panoramic virtual tour production. Their 360 VR images are full 360-degree spherical panoramic images used in building photographic “Virtual Reality” style virtual tours. You can interactively “be there and look around” with full realism. They also have the resources and necessary expertise to create outstanding interactive virtual tour packages for your website and digital media projects. Visit our gallery pages to view examples of our work. Their gallery neatly categorized based on purpose like Cultural, Educational, Entertainment, Events, Fashions etc.

3. IndiaVRTours:

IndiaVRTours is offering amazing tours throughout India at its finest, learn your way around and explore the rich wonders India has to offer. Traveling through the blistering heat of deserts, climbing up old fort walls and going to places that few other outsiders have seen before are some of the interesting places they are happy to take you! Hauling this very specialized equipment around on the backs of camels, elephants and a wide assortment of old vehicles to explore vast areas is not always easy, but that's what makes it more interesting!


There are many more virtual tour operators which takes you virtually across the best tourist places in the world. India’s tourism ministry, too, started providing virtual tours of tourist attractions in 12 cities on its website Incredible India. Virtual tours gives you ample information about any location before you physically visit to that place. During this Corona times, virtual tours gives you the feeling of travelling across the Globe.


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