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5 Best Property Monitoring / Protection Service Providers in India for NRIs

Many of my friends are NRIs and are having residential properties in India. But, most of their houses are vacant because of the difficulty in taking care of the Property monitoring services like Finding out the suitable tenants, Legal documentation work, Repair works, Rental collections, Utility bill payments and other monitoring services. And with this, they are not only loosing lot of rental revenue but also the maintenance of their houses / properties. In some cases, these properties were occupied by the local goondas also. Hence, most of the NRIs are looking about property protection services available in India.

What Are The Property Monitoring / Protection Services that NRSs looking:

  1. Legal Assistance

  2. Tax Assistance

  3. Property Visits

  4. Repairs & Maintenance Works

  5. Fencing / compound (for plots)

  6. Suitable Tenant search

  7. Rent Collections

  8. Payment of Utility bills

  9. Renewals of Lease / Rent

  10. Resolving disputes (if any)

5 Best Property Monitoring / Protection Service Providers in India

Taking into the consideration of NRI's requirements, there are many service providers available in India. Based on their track record and the genuine services, I have shortlisted the following 5 websites which are providing best property protection services.

1. Nestaway:

NestAway is India's fastest growing "Managed Home Rental Network" attempting to provide better rental solutions via design & technology. Apart from the rental business, Nestaway expanded its services to provide end-to-end Property monitoring services across all major cities in India. They provide safety and security to your property. Also, provides legal assistance, On-demand reports etc. to the property owners at a specific intervals. Their vast network across India will help to find the suitable tenants at ease and gain higher rental income. They also providing up to Rs. 1 cr property Insurance against any accidental damage.

2. HouseWise:

HouseWise is one of the best Rental Management service provider in India. They are offering Residential Property Management services in India for NRIs to offer the support and assistance you need every time you are away. Contrasting to the brokers, HouseWise certificate and update all our rental procedures online. They make sure that you will get a reasonable and best possible rent for your property. Right from cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to usual fixes in the property, HouseWise will take care of the whole thing to keep your property in the best possible condition. Their property management services for NRI also take account of property insurance.

3. PropertyRaskhak:

PropertyRaskhak is one of the most trusted partner for Property Management solutions. Living abroad and taking care of your property in India could be a tedious task. PropertyRaskhak provides Property Management Services for NRI, be it finding a contractor to rebuild your house or finding a maintenance person to fix plumbing or electrical issues or be it negotiating terms or payments with your tenants. Property Rakshak understands your struggles and promising to bring out the best possible solutions for you to rest assured that everything is taken care of by Best Property Management Companies. Their services not limited to Property Inspection, Legal documentation, Utility Bills payments, Repairs and Maintenance, Visit Management but also providing many more services.

4. SafeKeys:

SafeKeys is one of the best Property Management service providers in Hyderabad, which is going to expand other major cities in India soon. SafeKeys Management services cover Tenant Management, Rental Assistance, Property Management, Repair and Maintenance. SafeKeys fresh, practical and hands on approach to property management has proved us to be very successful at building long term relationships with both property owners and tenants.

5. NorthfaceServices:

NorthFace services is an independent property consultancy company backed by experienced professionals to provide you with best opinion and genuine advice on property buying. NorthFace is the one and only property consultancy in India to think on behalf of the customer and provide with detailed analysis on the property which client proposes to buy. NorthfaceServices provide professional services to take care of all aspects of Hyderabad real estate needs of NRIs. NorthfaceServices are a full service property management firm that offers variety of services catering to individual NRI needs. NorthfaceServices offer their clients with various services in the core areas of property consulting, verification, valuations/appraisals of the proposed property, future development of the property along with the surroundings i.e. upcoming government plans & projects, Competitive analysis of the property and legal advice on land registrations.


Maintaining their residential properties in India is a tedious and difficult job for NRIs. To fill this gap, there are many Property Management solution providers available in India. The above are few good and genuine solution providers which offers a tailor-made Property solutions according to your needs.

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