8 Best Websites for Used Books to Buy, Sell or Rent

When new academic year starts, apart from the school/college fees, purchasing of text books is also a major expenditure to students. Many of us don't know that there are many websites available with a huge library of used books. They not only buy but also sell your old books which saves a lot of money and time. Many portals providing services to all kind of subjects. From KG to PG, Medicine, Engineering, IIT, IIM, Law, CA, IAS, IPS entrance exam books, different state board books etc. can be available for buying, renting and selling from these websites. Based on the popularity and the availability of books, the following are the best portals for used books to buy, rent and/or sell.

Why Used Books?

  1. Used books are affordable and will be available at a great discounted price.

  2. Some used books are very rare topics and cannot get in the print market.

  3. Using Used books is environment friendly, you are actually saving many trees and saving the Nature.

  4. Many online websites are available for used books offering variety of used books to your choice.

  5. Some times you may get an opportunity to read marginal notes or highlighted segments from the previous owners which is very helpful to the readers.

8 Best Websites for Used Books to Buy / Sell / Rent:

1. BookAdda:

BookAdda is an Indian online bookstore for New, Used and Out-of-Print books with collection of over 1,30,00,000 books at extremely attractive prices from more than 34,12,622 authors.Besides a large collection of general books in various categories like Fiction, Non Fiction, Mystery, Self Help, Reference, Biographies etc, it also have a huge collection of Management, Computer, Engineering and Medical books catering to many university syllabus in India. BookAdda offers vast collection of books at very reasonable prices backed by prompt delivery & proactive customer support services. Apart from the neatly categorized Book categories, you will also find the books based on Top Authors, Best Reads, Best Sellers, New Releases etc.

2. FriendsOfBooks:

FriendsOfBooks is one of the good website for quality used books. Not only academic books, but also you can find various fiction and non-fiction books at very attractive discounted prices. You can find the books based on the Price, condition or Author. Various book categories like Adventure, Management, Children, Fitness, Non-Fiction, Inspiration, Sports, Travel etc. The unique feature of FriendsOfBooks is, you can take the books on rent as well.

3. Kitabguru:

Kitabguru is also one of the popular website for used books. Like other popular Used Books websites, Kitabguru acts as a forum between buyers and sellers. You can list your books up for sale by filling in a form, while sellers can search for book titles according to specific universities or cities in which they are available. You can find books in most metros across India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.Subjects available Engineering, business, management, ICSE textbooks and personal management.

4. ThriftBooks:

Started in USA in July 2003, Thriftbooks is now one of the leading Website for used books with international presence. Over 7+ million books are available in it's library on various categories. You can easily search any book by Author, Title, Keyword or ISBN from this huge library for purchase. Innovation in processing and selling used books has allowed Thrift Books to provide the internet’s cheapest prices without sacrificing their commitment to provide quality used books. Their entire

system of selling used books was developed internally using the latest technology and supply methods.

5. CampusBookRentals:

CampusBookRentals prides itself on great prices and even greater customer service. The company only provides rentals, but includes free shipping both ways, like most other rental services.

Thirty-day return periods are particularly helpful, as busy students may not have time to get to the post office right away. If you wish to hang on to a book after completing a course, you can opt to purchase it after the rental period.

6. BigWords:

BigWords lets you compare online textbook stores to find the best prices. It lists prices with shipping costs separately, so you can compare. While the site scours for new and used books and rentals like most of the other sites, BigWords also seeks out coupons and promotions. A quick search for a book on the site showed results from Amazon, Half.com and Chegg, among others, and listed options with extra promotions or discounts. BigWords also buys and sells DVDs, video games and music, if you happen to be in the market.

7. BookRenter.com:

BookRenter's founder launched the site as a way to sell his used textbooks, many of which had lost 99% of their value. He quickly realized the rental market was more lucrative and, therefore, teamed with local colleges. Students can take advantage of in-store pickup from their local bookstores. Same goes for drop-off, when it's time to return. BookRenter also offers five rental periods, from 5-120 days, with an option to extend your rental.

8. MadBooks:

Madbooks is an online solution for sale and purchase of old books. Madbooks provides a good interface for users to buy or sell old textbooks on its website. They are also providing unique features like free home delivery and Flexible book-return policy. Payments can be made directly to the website in this case. Sellers have to list their books on this website and buyers can browse for books of their choice. You can also buy second-hand fiction and non-fiction books from this website for

a good discount. Buyers can enjoy free home delivery at Madbooks. The website also tells you if the books is in good condition, as good as new or in poor condition. Subjects available Architecture, engineering, business, management, computers, geography, media, journalism, advertising, medical and entrance exam books.


The concept of using used books from online is getting popular nowadays. It provides a wide variety of books and can easily choose to your choice. On top of that, the advantage of used textbooks is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. It decreases the need of new books production and thus saving many trees.

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