Best Free Career Guidance Websites for Students

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

From the last 2 decades the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. And this change creating many lucrative opportunities to the students worldwide. This is sometimes making confusion to the students in choosing the right career and right course to his choice. Making this as an opportunity, there are number of Career Guidance websites mushroomed which are offering career guidance services to the students. Some websites are offering these services at free of cost. These services includes not only about the courses and colleges, but also entailed a detailed understanding of Students attitudes, aptitudes, personality, interests and inclinations. Based on their consistent services and popularity, the following are the 5 best Career Guidance websites for students who are in the age bracket of 14 to 24 years.

Best Free Career Guidance Websites for Students:

1. MapMyTalent:

Mapmytalent is one of the fastest growing career counseling / Career Guidance platform in India. MapMyTalent offers valuable career guidance to assist the students who are in the age bracket of 14 to 24 years. You can get counselling from Best Career Counselors from any part of the country. MapMyTalent provides scientific career counselling based on its proprietary Online Aptitude test which is available online. You can receive your career assessment report at the click of a button, can opt for career counseling session with experts through phone / skype / in person / face to face counselling (Face to Face counselling is available in New Delhi only). The MyTalent Test primarily judges a person across seven different aptitudes and twenty eight different personality traits and understands the Unique Talent pattern in the student. The responses submitted by each students in the Test are then analyzed by the experts at MapMyTalent after which the student is presented with two recommendation reports (one a Detailed Report and another a Summary Report). You can check the Reports by clicking on the links of detailed and summary report given ahead.

2. iDreamCareer (iDC):

iDC or iDreamCareer is one of India’s leading education companies in the space of career planning for students. With the growing problem for students in deciding a career for themselves, iDC developed a 3S framework program - ‘Structured, Scientific & Scalable and is currently being used by over 100, 000 (1 lac) students every year in India, Middle East & East Africa. iDC is known for its innovation in this space by launching the first tangible physical career planning product – ‘iDC Career Planning Kit’ (career counseling in a box). iDC’s Career Guidance Program empower students to take informed career decisions via iDC Career Assessment tool, access to information and one-on-one career mentoring. It has the largest board of quality mentors (220 as on date) from various professions, colleges, and psychologists who have helped over 1.5 lac students in the last 2 years. iDC’s Career assessment tool is available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada language and has been used by 47,000 high school students till date. 21 renowned career counselors recommend our assessment tool to high school students.

3. Careerfutura:

A very good Career Guidance Portal for students in India, which is offering career counselling services using a very new and innovative methods. With over 25000 courses careers and colleges to choose from, students right from 8th standard to working professionals can benefit from the products. The essential answer to career confusions is given by considering one’s natural potential, personality, interest and study habits, apart from marks scoring trends in the last three academic years. The design principle being, an individual can succeed in their career only if the job profile is as per their natural attributes. If the individual studies a course without the ability to match, interest to pursue, personality to suit the job profile, marks to support the decision , the success probability therefore, goes down considerably. Careerfutura, thus aims at providing right guidance at the right stage for the right questions. The tools are the new age centric tools, like career assessment test made online, career bank includes global and new careers and many more of such initiatives.

4. EasyShiksha:

EasyShiksha is an endeavor of HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Started in 2012 with an aim to explore the future of education. EasyShiksha provides an integrated platform for benefit of educational entities like students, faculty, universities and other educational institutes. EasyShiksha acts like an intermediary for these educational entities. Providing different platforms for students to search , register and get certificates of different courses from different educational institutes along with calculated guidance for their careers from our experts.Also , it provides a platform for universities and other educational institutes to get in touch with students from all over the world. EasyShiksha is popular for its unique services like Online Certification, Career Helper, More Choices, Better Choices etc.

5. Sarvgyan:

Sarvgyan is also one of the fastest growing Career Guidance Portal in India. It is offering services about Colleges, Courses, Jobs, Professional Career opportunities, Latest developments across Pan India colleges and Universities, Popular Entrance Exams, Career options after 12th, Ratings on different colleges etc. This website focusing more on Engineering, Management, Medical, Science, Commerce and Arts. Beautifully categorized colleges, Courses and Jobs information gives a clarity to the students to decide their future ambitions and careers. I can see this is very good Career Guidance website for students looking career after 12th.


There are many Career Guidance Websites which are offering Career Guidance services at free of cost as well as with some premiums. I advise students to check the above mentioned websites first and then look for other Paid websites, if they want.

Wish You All the Best!

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