Best Mutual Funds with Low SIP Plan of Rs. 100 per Month

A systematic investment is always a proved investment approach. Mutual funds allows systematic approach to tap the Market opportunities and yields better returns than any other safe investments. Now, the Mutual fund industry is expanding its roots to Rural India with innovative approaches. One such approach is low SIP value. Many Mutual funds allowing lowest SIP Mutual funds to attract small Investors. As low as Rs. 100 per month is possible now to invest in Mutual funds. Those who wanted to start investing in Mutual funds, can start into these Mutual funds. However, selection Mutual funds is crucial before taking any steps.

Why SIP Approach?

  1. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a safest way of investing in mutual funds.

  2. In SIP, you can deposit a fixed amount at regular intervals in installments according to your convenience in the mutual fund of your choice.

  3. SIP averages the Market oscillations and give you better returns

  4. SIP in mutual funds is a better plan for such people who do not want to invest directly or lump sum in the stock market.

  5. SIP enforces a disciplined approach of investment

  6. For beginners, SIP is the preferred and popular way of investing

  7. Investment through SIP has a high potential for high returns in the long term

Best Mutual Funds with SIP Rs. 100 per Month

Investing Rs. 100 per month is very much affordable even to a daily wager. Investing in Mutual funds is no longer a Rich people's choice. Even a student can also start investing in Mutual funds with a SIP of as low as Rs. 100 per month is possible now. Some Mutual funds allowing SIP with Rs. 100 per month to encourage the Mutual fund investments among common people which will be a good and affordable way of investing. Based on the track record, the following are the best Mutual funds with SIP amount of Rs. 100 per month:

Selection Criteria of Mutual Funds:

  1. Last 5 years of Track record

  2. AUM above Rs. 3000 Cr

  3. Good Fund Houses and Managers

  4. Funds which are allowing lumpsum and low SIPs

  5. Mutual funds that are rated 4-star or 5-star by Value Research

To Whom These MFs are Suitable?

  1. For Beginners into Mutual fund investments

  2. For Rural Investors

  3. For Students or Low-income people

  4. For low-risk and conservative investors


Systematic investments is a proved approach of investing. Mutual funds with low SIP value will definitely averages the Market turbulances and yield good returns to the Investors. However, please read the disclaimer before investing into Mutual funds. There is no guarantee of returns in mutual funds. Past performance of a fund may or may not repeat in the future. So, select only those best performing mutual fund SIPs that match your investment goals, investment horizon, and risk appetite

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